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Media Items:

Audience Reach:

The Objective
With the launch of myDNA's Caffeine Report, MediaCast was tasked with promoting the report and the benefits of the DNA test to understand more about how we process caffeine differently based on our genetics.

The Campaign
MediaCast developed a concept to align with International Coffee Day and Sleep Awareness Week, by conducting research to release on the launch. The research looked at our sleeping habits and the correlation with caffeine drinkers and poor sleep. MediaCast assisted myDNA in sourcing two personal stories to support our story, a couple who consumed and reacted to caffeine in a very different way, however after doing the DNA test, the couple discovered that very interesting information about the way their bodies process caffeine. Using the research findings, MediaCast developed an engaging campaign focused around our reliance on caffeine and the impact the way we consume caffeine is having on our sleep. The campaign communicated the message that myDNA's test can identify how our bodies process caffeine, to help establish better daily routines and improve sleep for audiences across Australia.

The Coverage
MediaCast secured 425 pieces of coverage across online, radio and TV across Australia reaching an estimated 13 million people across every state and territory. Coverage highlights included an exclusive segment on Weekend Sunrise ahead of Coffee Day and articles on the Mail Online and The Epoch Times. The extensive radio coverage included interviews on 2GB, The Wire and various ABC stations across the country.