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Our Radio Day™ service provides Australia's leading radio media relations, delivering award winning campaigns

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MediaCast are experts in Radio and Broadcast. Our extensive experience, creativity and wide range of contacts ensure your campaign message is heard loud and clear.

Our full-service offering means we'll work closely with you from start to finish to create a full editorial radio campaign that incorporates your key messages.

Radio Days are designed to achieve the maximum impact and ROI with your investment in radio. We have special rates for agencies for our Radio Day service, which includes an Audio News Release (ANR) as a component of a larger, targeted and more productive radio outreach while reducing the demand on your spokesperson's time.

Radio stations now prefer to record and produce their own interviews for talkback and news bulletins. Providing talent for live interviews becomes more effective to achieve high reaching radio coverage.

Incorporating both an ANR with live interviews increases the overall quantity and quality of coverage allowing your client to communicate their key messages to audiences across Australia.

Audio News Release

An Audio News Release (ANR) is recorded over a telephone line or over Teams with your spokesperson.

When recording audio, the spokesperson should avoid speaker phones and wireless headphones such as airpods - which give poor quality audio.

We only provide the ANR Service as part of a Radio Day service which provides an opportunity for stations to interview talent directly.

This service includes

  • Broadcast cue creation from your media release
  • Audio News Release (ANR) recorded and edited by our Studio Team
  • Proactive, targeted media outreach and live interview scheduling
  • 24/7 access to live campaign reporting and interview scheduling portal
  • A selection of media clippings
  • Full coverage report

What we need from you

  • At least 72-hours turnaround time (a week is preferable)
  • Your media release
  • Short profile and headshot of talent/spokesperson
  • 30 minutes with talent to pre-record the ANR
  • Dedicated availability with talent for live interviews
  • A direct phone number for talent

Additional options

  • Additional spokespeople
  • Campaign-focused media training sessions

You're in good company

Our Radio Day service is used by some of the biggest brands