Value for your VNR: Four ways to utilise your campaign’s Video News Release
Lauren Irvine, January, 2024

When investing in a public relations strategy for your campaign, there are multiple ways in which you can expand your reach, highlight your key messaging and achieve your campaign goals. One way of creating an impact is through a Video News Release (VNR) – a curated video package that includes interviews with your key spokespeople and relevant vision to support your campaign narrative and key messaging.

The best part about VNRs is that they can be repurposed for years to come and become a valuable asset that is utilised over and over again, well beyond the campaign it was created for. We’ve picked out our top five favourite ways to get the most value out of your VNR investment, so you can increase your return on investment and make the most of this content. Make sure you keep these tips in mind when planning your next VNR shoot so you can make the most of your time with your talent!

Testimonials for your website

If you’ve utilised customers or clients as part of your Video News Release shoot, it’s the perfect time to record some quick testimonials that are more commercial than the content recorded for news rooms. Add in an extra question at the end of their piece to camera interviews asking them to outline their experience with the brand with the purpose of using this footage for web content.

If you’re using your organisations’ CEO, Founder or senior leaders, consider getting them to record some short videos that could be used on your websites ‘About’ page, which would highlight their personal experience, history of the organisation, vision, mission or values. Let us know ahead of time if you’d like to shoot some content for your website and we can quote you for some extra editing in your project.

Professional applications

Do you have a grant application in line with your campaign or a stakeholder presentation coming up? Your VNR footage can be used to amplify your voice and enhance your messaging when communicating your mission. They can also be added to keynote speaker showreels, internal presentations and end of year wrap ups. The high quality nature of a VNR means these videos, even if stitched together, adds massive value to both internal and external channels if you plan ahead on shoot day.

Versatile social content

If you’re investing in a professional video shoot, it would be silly not to utilise this vision for your brand’s social channels. From clipping up sections of interviews to roll out across your Instagram and TikTok, through to making a series of informative videos on YouTube or LinkedIn – the ways in which you can repurpose this vision for different audiences are endless.

You can even implement sections of the VNR into your internal and external communication touchpoints such as email marketing and paid ads. Once the campaign has wrapped, you are welcome to utilise the footage as you see fit – so why not make the most of it with fresh content across your channels. We can edit this for you or pass the footage across to your team – up to you!

Timeless file footage

Although your VNR may have been created in line with a specific campaign, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t utilise parts of it for future campaigns when pitching to TV. While some targeted key messaging might not always be relevant to your pitch, interviews where your spokespeople are talking about their experience or expertise can be considered evergreen.

If you’re able to get general overlay which includes organic vision of your brand – this is also a priceless way to provide newsrooms with your own curated vision that can be aired in place of their own generic file footage. One of our clients works in the child protection industry and in 2016, invested in an VNR which included overlay of children playing on a playground at one of their therapy centres. This overlay footage is still utilised time and time again for various stories on TV news bulletins and gives journos an extra asset to lean on when crafting stories.  

Where to now?

Whether you’ve invested in a Video News Release previously or have been on the fence – remember that these assets can be repurposed and reused for years to come! From uplifting your social content to providing your brand with generic vision to support a pitch and even enhancing professional applications, there are endless opportunities for you to have ongoing value from your VNR, even after your campaign has finished.

If you’ve got a Video News Release from a previous campaign, metaphorically gathering dust in your files somewhere, why not ask us how we can repurpose this for your organisation. Even better, if you’ve got a shoot in mind, reach out to us today about locking in your Video News Release and we can work together to create content that will last the test of time!

Reach out to us to chat through how you can best utilise a VNR on 07 3160 3370!