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Check Your Smoke Alarm Day A Timely Reminder As Aussies Bunker Down At Home

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Brooks Australia is a family owned and operated company, that for 45 years has been protecting Australian families and property. Brooks have developed and supplied an array of high quality, reliable fire safety products to help safeguard you and your family.

The Objective
Brooks Australia engaged MediaCast to develop a creative that generated awareness on fire hazards in the home and encouraged Australians to ensure their homes were equipped with the necessary fire safety equipment and free of hazards. The timing for this campaign could not have been better or more relevant, as due to COVID-19 many Australians had recently made the move to working from home. This meant employers were now responsible for the safety of their remote workforce and should be taking a vested interest in their employees’ fire safety practices.

The Campaign
MediaCast conducted research to highlight that Australians aren’t as fire savvy as we may think and many of us were neglecting the smoke alarms in our properties. The research revealed that over half of households do not have smoke alarms in their bedrooms.

From there, we developed a creative that addressed common issues leading to fires in Australian homes and demonstrated the importance of working smoke alarms. By using experts in the field, MediaCast and Brooks Australia illustrated the importance of regular testing and upkeep of smoke alarms and educated Australians on smoke alarm compliance.  

Despite Check Your Smoke Alarm day being amongst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, MediaCast used this to our advantage and secured 480 items of coverage, reaching an estimated 10 million Australians. A campaign highlight was our lead spokesperson Cameron Brooks speaking with the ABC Queensland State-wide Drive show.

This story received fantastic cut-through and shed light on an important safety issue ahead of Check Your Smoke Alarm day.